switched to a Self Hosted Site :))

Hey Y’all!

I moved to a self-hosted site: my website is still simplygenevieve.com

I Am in the process of moving all my old posts to the new one!

So hang in there! 🙂




Why I look forward to the Summer Sun.

Do you daydream about drinking mango and strawberry smoothies on the beach, while the sun is out and it is above 80 degrees ( my perfect weather basically being anything above 75-90 degrees 🙂 ).

I know I do!

While growing up in this frozen tundra, or more commonly known as the Midwest, I have gotten to to appreciate the 5 months (if we are lucky) of nice weather (AKA above 75!)  🙂

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Winter/ Spring Night Skin Care Routine. How I ensure a Good Night’s Sleep and Clean Skin.

Happy Thursday!

Today we are gonna talk about Skin care.

Which is probably one of my all time favorite things to buy.  Remember it all starts with great skin care! It is important to have a regime in the morning and night!

Having hydrated and supple skin will help makeup go on easier and it won’t look blotchy or cakey;  OR You will Just have amazing clear skin and not have to worry about putting on any foundation or concealer!

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Not Your Average Love Letters: Letter #2: Is Long Distance too hard to Uphold?

Happy Monday!

Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy, because we are talking about love.


I thought I’d post today since everyone needs a little pick me up on Mondays!

This is the second letter in “Not you Average Love Letters” series, which is about my boyfriend and I’s relationship as we walk through life together, and the challenges we face.

More importantly, however, its too help other people that have questions about the topics I talk about! I wish there would have been more blog posts that would answer my questions about relationships, and so I hope this series can help you!

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Not Your Average Love Letter. Letter 1: Never Get Burned By the Same Flame?

Hey guys!

(*Disclaimer*- I’m sharing personal events that have happened to me, please respect my choices and what I have to say. Not everyone will fall into this category of going back to their EX, but I’m writing this to help someone that was as confused as I was when I was deciding what to do when I was in this situation. )

I decided to start this series “Not Your Average Love Letters”, because I feel like Love is such a hard and confusing emotion, but it can also be the most amazing. People think it’s supposed to be this perfect, easy feeling to navigate. I’m here to tell you that it’s not. You will fight, get confused, you will get hurt feelings sometimes, but that only makes up about 10% of the relationship. Honestly, my boyfriend is my best friend, we tell each other everything, and we get into arguments but we never full-on fight. We always make up, because we love each other.

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Remember That One Bag that Caught your Eye! Style Tip #2

Today we are talking about bags. Oh, how I love bags.

Not the ones under our eyes, the designer ones.

Bags are one of my  favorite accessories, they oh-so-easily bring the an outfit together.

I would definitely recommend going on Pinterest and checking out their fashion trends on there.

I was still frantically looking for a black bag, one big enough to carry all my necessities, (Perfume, gum, charger, wallet, keys. . .Etc.) I happened to pass by TJMaxx, I decided to go in and I found this huge Kate Spade bag. I thought it was perfect until I was able to fit my coat into it and still have room…. Yeah…. too big.

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