My Summer Savers

I’m here to tell you all about some items that have saved me this summer, all of them are beauty products! I can’t express my love of them enough!
Sooooo let’s get into it!!

1. Smith’s RoseBud Lip Salve

I’m going to tell you all a secret, I should do a post on my vast knowledge of chap sticks; I love them so so much! The idea of super soft lips just makes me want to keep piling on this chap stick! Not to mention that it has such a unique smell and tastes lip Rose (*disclaimer* no, i did not taste test it :D)
I used to get super chapped lips, but now i have a routine every time I wake up or leave the house.2. Pixie Illuminating Tint and Concealer Duo

Okay, can we please take to appreciate Pixie’s comeback! Um look at the packaging, Rose Gold and Minty Green, its super chic. However, the packaging is adorable, but that’s not why I always use it, the formula is absolutely amazing. Super hydrating, which is necessary for summer and it is just the right amount of coverage for my skin. It reminds me a lot of Bare Minerals Tinted Moisturizer Gel , I love that product, but it never fit my skin right. Sadly, I gave it up even though I love that company! Pixie actually so many cool things for skin! Like this oxygen mask that I want to try so bad!! Anyway, this tint is so easy to apply and blends perfectly into the skin! However, I’m not the hugest fan of the concealer attached to the cap. It is way to dense and doesn’t blend the smooth. I have always preferred liquid, so I  might be a little bias! That said, I do still use the concealer, since I don’t want to waste it. I feel like when I blend it in though that it’s taking off all my other makeup and so I then take a liquid and go over it again. . . Overall I would highly recommend for the tint, so worth it! Also, it stays on good even if you sweat and are on to go!

3. ONESTA Dry Shampoo

I have never been a real believer that dry shampoo actually works, because every time I had used it, my hair would come our even more greaser. That was before I used this product! I love this product so much, I use it all the time! It is great when I have to work, and don’t haven enough time to wash my hair and let it dry. Plus look at how cute this bottle is! 10/10!

4. Lancome Brow Gel

If you saw me walking the streets without makeup, you would literally need binoculars to see my eyebrows, even then you probably still wouldn’t see them. My hair is dirty blonde, but somehow my eyebrows didn’t get with the program and change so they are like a bleach blonde. So when I got my hands on this product, it changed my life. I have been using this product since I was in 9th grade, so four years. It has never once let me down. I can literally use one swipe and I have natural enough color that matches my hair color. If I’m going for a more bolder look, I will do a couple of swipes, then use an eyebrow brush (you can get them from Sephora, when I say get, I mean take them, they have them out at the beauty counter). It is perfect for summer, because this stuff is not gonna smear or run if you sweat or rub your face! PERFECT PRODUCT!!

5. Oribe Maximista

I went to get a haircut and on a whim, I chopped it all off! When my hair stylist was finishing up my hair, she used this mousse and spray by this company. I instantly fell in love; first the smell is unbelievable, like please I want them to create a perfume! Second, these products actually work without weighing down my hair, which happens so frequently that I end up using only heat protector and maybe some oils for my ends. Love this product, it gives me some lift, even when humidity is terrible!

6. Lancome Bronzer

This bronzer, has such amazing pigment and is not too harsh for an every day look. It even looks good when you just throw a little on when you are on your way out the door, plus it stays on like glue, so don’t worry about trying to fit it into your bag. The color of this bronzer is perfect! It’s matte and the richest brown color, as you can see in the picture.

Hope you fall in love these products! Let me know if you try any of them!! These were my savers this summer!




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