I Don’t mean to Mask the problem, But . . .

When summer comes, so does sweat, dust and dirt. They can get into your pores and cause these mood ruining things cause. . . zits.

Sadly, we all have to experience these day ruining pests, but I have learned that some of these masks help so much!

Here are two of my favorite masks!

I love peel masks! I live by them, this one by Formula 10.0.6 Get you Glow On! It speaks so true to it’s title! It feels so good on and off. After I take it off, I quickly put moisturizer on! It pulls out so much dirt and really cleans out the pores. Plus, it’s so satisfying to peel off the mask as well!

My second favorite mask is Botanical Mud Mask by Mary Kay, it is a mud mask and it does an amazing job getting out everything! This one is a great one to do if you have been outside a lot and feel like you need a clean start would totally recommend!! They have 3 different masks that are formula for different skin types; mine is number 2 for oily skin.




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