Remember That One Bag that Caught your Eye! Style Tip #2

Today we are talking about bags. Oh, how I love bags.

Not the ones under our eyes, the designer ones.

Bags are one of my  favorite accessories, they oh-so-easily bring the an outfit together.

I would definitely recommend going on Pinterest and checking out their fashion trends on there.

I was still frantically looking for a black bag, one big enough to carry all my necessities, (Perfume, gum, charger, wallet, keys. . .Etc.) I happened to pass by TJMaxx, I decided to go in and I found this huge Kate Spade bag. I thought it was perfect until I was able to fit my coat into it and still have room…. Yeah…. too big.

Anyway be careful when looking for a bargain on designer bags, especially in outlet stores. Many brands have an “outlet brand” bags. Even at Marshalls, I saw some of those.
Just warning you, they are not less quality but they could have little things taken out (for example: the gold studs or they took out a zipper). The bags tend to look more plain than the original. The logo and how it appears on the bag definitely gives away the outlet brand. For example, Michael Kors spell out their name on their bags, however, on their outlet brand bags they have the name in a little box.

Sadly, I left empty handed, but I was relieved because I was on the search for my dream bag. I love the vintage looking bags with the adorable handle on top, but I also needed a cross-body strap if it was going to be practical. In the winter I was walking through Macy’s and found it. The Kate Spade’s Small Toddy Bag it was perfect, however, sadly, not in my price range at the time. I took a picture of it though, and went on my way. I went to California for Spring Break this year with my family, while in La Jolla, San Diego, I went to their Kate Spade Store. To my luck they were in the midst of a grand sale. I went quickly up to the front desk and asked if they had the Small Toddy, and tragically they were out! My mom and I were still looking around when the sales clerk came up to us and told us that the store in Santa Monica had one and was able to ship it home for me!! I was so happy because this bag was the perfect size ( meaning I couldn’t fit my whole coat in it 🙂 ) and it was the look I was going for; Classy yet practical.

The green puff is one of my favorite accessory! I got it when I was in New York at the Micheal Kors Store in Soho/ Tribeca area (you can read more about my NYC trip here! Also you can see my pictures and everything on my Insta here! )

Another thing to keep in mind when bag shopping: is do you want to invest in a long-term bag or do you want a bag that will just be used for the year.

Comment down below what your favorite food is?!




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