Oh How I Miss you…

I remember being young and the ground under my feet seeming to vanish. Running down hills and jumping over fallen trees, my legs feeling as if they weren’t attached to my body. My blonde hair would mold with the sunshine streaming through the trees that protected me from reality. Swinging through the sky on the vines, pretending that I was flying to another planet, that was uniquely designed to escape, and run free. Endless space and un-composed exploring, my body taking my soul to where it may please. My mind stunned from the beauty that filled my eyes of fields of flowers around me; oh how I miss you. I miss the open air, and the feeling of eating the sun’s rays for a mid- afternoon snack. Singing my random thoughts while wandering the trails where my constant marching has become permanently indented into the earth and into who I am.

Oh how I miss you…


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