Not Your Average Love Letters: Letter #2: Is Long Distance too hard to Uphold?

Happy Monday!

Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy, because we are talking about love.


I thought I’d post today since everyone needs a little pick me up on Mondays!

This is the second letter in “Not you Average Love Letters” series, which is about my boyfriend and I’s relationship as we walk through life together, and the challenges we face.

More importantly, however, its too help other people that have questions about the topics I talk about! I wish there would have been more blog posts that would answer my questions about relationships, and so I hope this series can help you!

As you all know, I am a student in apparel design at UW-Stout, my work load is very tough, and not to mention I’m out of state. My boyfriend goes to the U of M, for Neuroscience, yeah hes kind of a genius lol… sometimes.

Alright so now that the background info is covered, we try to see each other at least once every two weeks, the longest we have gone without seeing each other is about 3 weeks-1 month.

The most important thing about having a long distance relationship is having communication and having a plan for the both of you. Make what you both want clear and honest. Since when you text, call, and even Facetime, it’s sometimes hard to tell the tone and the facial expressions.

Ian and I try to Facetime anytime we are missing each other and when we have time, usually after classes and right before we go to bed.

When we Facetime before bed, we usually save our Devotional (Jesus is Calling) for the day, for that night and we read it and pray together, for us this is so important to have God as our foundation and rock. We will also listen to the same music as we go to bed. It helps us feel close, when we are many many miles away!

Overall, long distance can be very hard, and we have miscommunication sometimes and it makes it harder to not have the one you love right by you. You have to keep in mind though that it is only temporary and that its not permanent. ITS ALSO SO WORTH IT! If you love the person, nothing will stand in the way. Problems can arise when your apart, but you can work them out, unless your partner is not loyal.

I think that Ian and I have become stronger, more in love, and more conscious of our time together, we savor it.

The relationship can be successful depending on how much effort the TWO of you put into it. Don’t let the effort become unbalance,

I hope this helps!!




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