Winter/ Spring Night Skin Care Routine. How I ensure a Good Night’s Sleep and Clean Skin.

Happy Thursday!

Today we are gonna talk about Skin care.

Which is probably one of my all time favorite things to buy.  Remember it all starts with great skin care! It is important to have a regime in the morning and night!

Having hydrated and supple skin will help makeup go on easier and it won’t look blotchy or cakey;  OR You will Just have amazing clear skin and not have to worry about putting on any foundation or concealer!

Before I go into my Nightly Winter/Spring Skincare routine, I want to mention some tips take you should always have in your skincare basket! (Make sure you know your skin type, so you don’t irritate your skin!) My skin type is definitely dry, sadly.

  1. Makeup remover wipes– Helps take off foundation, concealer, bronzer, brows, powder, etc. I use Neutrogena Face Makeup Wipes .
  2. Eye Makeup Remover– Personally, the skin around my eyes is very sensitive and get irritated easily, any face wipes will usually cause me to get burning red circles around my whole eye… yeah i know not very fun. So I use a gentle Eye Makeup remover to get my Mascara, Eye shadow, Eye  liner and etc off. My holy grail product is the Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover! Honestly, it is magic how every little speck is wicked away. I don’t have to scrub and my eyes. (which is also terrible for your eye skin and will cause more eye bags when you get older!)
  3. Two different cleansers (Night/ Day)- I use clean and clear day and night cleanser! It works so well.
  4. Toner!!- Need to get off all the excess makeup that your cleanser and makeup wipes left behind!
  5. Charcoal Face Wash- I use this once a week or less, since, personally since my skin is so dry. It just really acts as a detox for you skin.

Alright Lets get into my Nightly Skincare routine!

  1. The very first thing I do is take all my makeup off! Using the products I mentioned above! Super Important to get that makeup off!! (FYI Water is NOT ENOUGH)
  2. Cleanse my skin using my Clean and Clear night time cleanser. I use my Vanity Planet Spin Brush at least once a week or more depending if I am breaking out.  After I rinsed all the soap off my face I will turn the water super cold, and splash my face for a good minute, this will help eliminate redness and minimize pores.
  3. I then take a cotton ball and spray my Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Toner to get rid of any makeup that withstood the makeup remover and cleansing.
  4. I then spray my Rose Water on my toned face.
  5. I then will put on my acne spot treatment by Mary Kay, only a small amount on the acne spot itself.
  6. I will then wait till the acne treatment is dry and I will then apply either Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Lotion or Ponds Moisturizer. I may apply two layers and lotion, My skin gets super dry in winter
  7. After the lotion is all soaked in, I will then put on my Babe Lash Serum and wait for that to dry completely.
  8. I will then put aquifer under my eyes and in the cease, because in the winter/spring my eyes get so dry.
  9. I will then use my Rose chap stick, that I absolutely love! I have mentioned it in a couple of my other posts!
  10. After that I put an Essential Oil mixture: Ginger, Birch, and Peppermint; on my temples and on my brow bone. This helps me sleep and prevents waking up with a headache.





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