Winter/ Spring Night Skin Care Routine. How I ensure a Good Night’s Sleep and Clean Skin.

Happy Thursday!

Today we are gonna talk about Skin care.

Which is probably one of my all time favorite things to buy.  Remember it all starts with great skin care! It is important to have a regime in the morning and night!

Having hydrated and supple skin will help makeup go on easier and it won’t look blotchy or cakey;  OR You will Just have amazing clear skin and not have to worry about putting on any foundation or concealer!

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I Don’t mean to Mask the problem, But . . .

When summer comes, so does sweat, dust and dirt. They can get into your pores and cause these mood ruining things cause. . . zits.

Sadly, we all have to experience these day ruining pests, but I have learned that some of these masks help so much!

Here are two of my favorite masks!

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Makeup routine: Summer Edition

Dear Summer, 

Can you just slow down please?


Genevieve. x

I wish this letter could actually send and slow down this beautiful weather that is adorned with no homework and worry-free days, but tragically, I can’t slow down time.

Along with this wonderful weather, Sometimes there is this nasty, but natural thing that can ruin, Oh so much. It’s called sweat. Here is what I use on the daily for the perfect summer look!

(I had eye Lash extensions, so that is why I didn’t have any eye products)

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My Summer Savers

I’m here to tell you all about some items that have saved me this summer, all of them are beauty products! I can’t express my love of them enough!
Sooooo let’s get into it!!

1. Smith’s RoseBud Lip Salve

I’m going to tell you all a secret, I should do a post on my vast knowledge of chap sticks; I love them so so much! The idea of super soft lips just makes me want to keep piling on this chap stick! Not to mention that it has such a unique smell and tastes lip Rose (*disclaimer* no, i did not taste test it :D)
I used to get super chapped lips, but now i have a routine every time I wake up or leave the house. Keep On Reading!

Clean Brushes. Happy Brushes.

Well one thing I have learned through my growing love of makeup, is that it is so hard to clean my brushes. I am going to be honest, people say to clean them every week or so, I used to clean mine once twice a year. Gross! I know. I’m ashamed to say it. I have tried many different brush cleaners, some low-end and some high-end. I have firmly agreed that Baby shampoo is hands down the best. It is super cleansing and gets all my brushes squeaky clean in a matter of minutes!! Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is not harsh-as it is made for a baby’s skin- in other words it won’t ruin your brushes like some other soaps would.

Another thing to be careful of with your brushes, is that they are going near our skin, depending on skin type, many random soaps could irritate and cause a rash or give you acne. We don’t want that!

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