Remember That One Bag that Caught your Eye! Style Tip #2

Today we are talking about bags. Oh, how I love bags.

Not the ones under our eyes, the designer ones.

Bags are one of my  favorite accessories, they oh-so-easily bring the an outfit together.

I would definitely recommend going on Pinterest and checking out their fashion trends on there.

I was still frantically looking for a black bag, one big enough to carry all my necessities, (Perfume, gum, charger, wallet, keys. . .Etc.) I happened to pass by TJMaxx, I decided to go in and I found this huge Kate Spade bag. I thought it was perfect until I was able to fit my coat into it and still have room…. Yeah…. too big.

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Let’s Talk about Boots Style Tip #1

I have been thinking about what to say about fashion and style. I love how everyone has their own “style” and it helps them define themselves.

Fashion is an art form and I think some people over look that.

I decided to do this really cool idea for shoes/boots, I have found it to help me a lot with all the tall boots I store for the long winter season (too long in my opinion).

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Shirts, Tees and Camis

Does anyone else look at Pinterest at all the cute Brandy Melville tops, or Urban Outfitter clothes? I have a solution that will.. well… probably increase the urge to look for ideas. The key word being ideas, that won’t totally drain my college fund.

DIY Shirts!!

I love this DIY it is definitely one of my favorites. It’s so easy and the results are as cute as the ones you see people buy.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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Looking through the Glasses


I was looking through instagram and I saw kendall Jenner post a pic in stripe pjs and these cute simple thin rimmed glasses.

I immediately fell in love! They are now my new obession 🙂

I do wear glasses and I have contacts, but I decided getting fake glasses would be cheaper than getting ones with my prescription in them.

For years, I felt like wearing glasses just didn’t suit me and I didn’t like them. It could have been me going through my awkward stage in middle school, but now I’m in love with the way they add to an outfit. These style enhancers, bring out different sides of the the same outfit.

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